EquiptBaby Complete Diaper Bag Has It All, Including A Portable Bassinet

Parents often feel the pressure of having it all—successful career, perfect marriage, ample time to stay in shape, and quality time to themselves. Perfection is not realistic, nor is having it all, all of the time. While moms and dads work to find balance in their lives, it is realistic for them to want baby gear that makes parenting a little easier. When it comes to leaving the house with a baby, parents need a diaper bag that will provide success, not frustration. Parents can’t always say the same thing, but EquiptBaby Complete has it all.

Mother and inventor of EquiptBaby, Kristin Hatfield, wanted to add a bit of simplicity to her life with a baby. For her, that meant having less stuff to schlep around all day. After searching for the perfect solution for life on the go, she came up short. So she designed a bag that has everything she needed while out of the house with her son. EquiptBaby Complete is a diaper bag and bassinet in one easy to use, convenient, and compact spot.

With a solid base, an inside cooler pocket, and a portable, collapsible bassinet the EquiptBaby Complete bag is like the Swiss Army knife of diaper bags. The bag was designed to help you find your things after you store them; unlike other diaper bags the bottom is a sturdy, solid base which allows the bag to stay upright and hold its shape to keep everything in place. This, combined with the egg-shaped sides of the bag, keeps the bag on your shoulder if you need to bend over to pick something up, say a pacifier, toy, or toddler. The EquiptBaby team calls this the rear effect.

The EquiptBaby bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, magnetic snaps, and release buckles to allow you to hang the bag and let it fall open with accordion style sides. This makes it easy to see and grab what you need.

The inside of the bag contains several compartments, including a cooler pocket. Parents can add a freezer pack, the baby’s bottle, and snacks for the day. To keep the bag’s contents dry, the cooler pocket’s exterior is lined with wool that wicks away moisture. I told you they thought of everything.

One of the best features of the EquiptBaby Complete is the portable bassinet. With a shake of the hand, the mesh netting bassinet pops open. The padded insert can be placed on the bottom for extra cushioning or can be used as a changing pad. The mesh material provides SPF 50 protection and can be pulled down and clipped to the sides to keep babies protected from bugs at the park or sand at the beach. Just twist and fold the bassinet back into its compact shape.

Parents can feel good knowing they have a place for their baby to sleep while protected from the elements. We can also feel good about EquiptBaby’s commitment to social responsibility. The bag’s plastic parts are made from recycled material, and the SPF protection is woven into the mesh netting, producing fewer chemicals by eliminating a spray. And EquiptBaby wants to thank the men and women who protect us every day, so if you are serving in any branch of the military, email them the location of your base, and they will send you a coupon for $25 off of any product.

Trust me parents, it can be hard to have it all. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work toward a healthy balance in our lives. Nor does it mean that we shouldn’t expect the baby gear we buy to have everything we need in one convenient purchase. The EquiptBaby Complete diaper bag has it all, especially for parents on the go.

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