Erbert And Gerbert: Surprise Subs Come Gift-Wrapped

A niche business is one thing, but Erbert and Gerbert has found a new niche within a niche business concept to start with, and it's perfect for the holiday season.

Erbert and Gerber Holiday SubsErbert and Gerber Holiday Subs

The sub shop has introduced gift wrapped subs for the holidays, which are managing to got a lot of attention even though the business is working within the confines of a common process already. Subs typically come wrapped in paper like a gift, but to give them a seasonal theme Erbert and Gerbert is using wrapping that resembles Christmas paper and is topping the package with a bow. The sub shop's tagline is "subs worth discovering, and they're hoping that when diners unwrap their meal, they'll feel just like children on Christmas morning.

What do you think? Is this a marketing plan that could give this sub shop a leg up on the competition for the holiday season?

Via: TheLine