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Ergo PenErgo PenI saw this Ergo Pen a few months back and it intrigued me. If you're wondering why, it's because I write quite a bit (being a student and taking notes), and I always tend to get hand cramps. I find that pens are much easer to glide over paper while taking notes at school or just jotting down phone numbers at home. Despite the ease of use pens provide, I continued to get cramps in my hand from writing. This pen promised to get rid of "writer's cramp," and I have to say, it works brilliantly.


When I first got this pen, I was excited to try it. As soon as I put the pen in my hand, I was disappointed: it didn't feel very good! After several minutes of writing, however, my hand became accustomed to the change in how you hold the pen, and it became comfortable. Fairly soon, I realized I didn't feel any pain or cramping in my hand, nor were the muscles in my hand even remotely tired. "Tension-free," indeed! I took notes in classes all day, every day for weeks and never had any further pain in my hand!


The only downside to this product is that when you buy it, pen refills are not included, and I'm not sure where you can buy the refills. In any case, the Ergo Pen has been around a while and I have never seen one until I received this one. So everybody, no matter what profession you are in, whether you write with a pen at home or at work, you should give this pen a try. There are no secrets, no hidden gimmicks.... This pen really works and makes writing for hours on end pain free!


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