What's An Ergonomic, Eco-Friendly & Stylish Ball Shucker For Your Dog? The Wood Chuck


There are a few ball shuckers on the market and they're all ergonomic, enabling you to throw a ball pretty darn far - sometimes too far! - for your dog without stressing your throwing arm and shoulder too much.  But the Planet Dog Wood Chuck is not only ergonomic, it's real eco-friendly and extremely stylish.  What a cool design!


Planet Dog Wood Chuck: image via houndworthy.comPlanet Dog Wood Chuck: image via houndworthy.com


Planet Dog Wood Chuck: image via amazon.comPlanet Dog Wood Chuck: image via amazon.com


The Wood Chuck is made from bamboo forested from sustainable lands and its grips are made of cork, also a sustainable, as well as recyclable natural material. The grip is nice and dry to your hand and it's more comfortable than the plastic grips on other chuckers.

What's more, the Wood Chuck comes with a Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Recycle Ball, a super-tough ball that's made of regrind and is itself is recyclable.


Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Recycle Ball: image via amazon.comPlanet Dog Orbee Tuff Recycle Ball: image via amazon.com


The Orbee Tuff balls are a lot of fun for you and your dog to use.  They seem to whistle through the air and dogs love the extra stimulation.  The Orbee Tuff balls come in varieties that are mint-flavored and glow-in-the-dark.  You may want to order a few extra balls for your Planet Dog Wood Chuck With Orbee Tuff Recycle Ball.

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