Erotic Chairs From Fabio Novembre: His & Hers

Reviewers seem to love Fabio Novembre's work or hate it; but at least they consider each design one at a time. Fabio is famous for being talented, for being "out there," and for designing exactly what he wants, not caring what reviewers think. He's a rock star.

I like what Anatxu Zabalbeascoa of. El Pais Casa, wrote about Novembre: "Fabio Novembre has patiently waited his turn. He didn't start to build or to design until he knew exactly what he wanted. Halfway between genius and madness, no one creates trends like he does... But he has a trick: he is inimitable." (November4, 2006)

Like most really good rock stars, there are certain themes that inspire them. One of Novembre's themes is sexuality. He professes love for the human form, which he displays adoringly in these beautifully sculpted His & Hers Chairs.





Some don't like Novembre's His and Hers Chairs; they think he botched an opportunity to pay tribute to Verner Panton who designed the Panton Chair in 1960. Novembre's intention was to pay tribute to Panton; Novembre calls the His & Hers Chairs are an evolution of Panton's design.


Panton ChairPanton Chair


If you visit Fabio Novembre's website and explore his works, the human form is gracefully, lovingly and, yes, erotically displayed in many of them. Whether you think that Novembre's His & Hers Chairs are "crass fetishism," or superb renderings of the human form as functional sculpture, you will see that the chairs are his expression of his art -- no one else's. And isn't that really what the public should expect from any artist?

Sources: 3ringsdesign, Novembre Photo credits: 3ringsdesign