eSalon Offers Expertly Blended Hair Color In A Home Kit


Hair color is fun, but the upkeep can be brutal in a number of ways. Whether you use it to conceal pesky gray roots or to give yourself a fresh new look, hair color definitely has its pros and cons. Ask any woman who colors her hair how much she enjoys sitting around with chemically smelling ooze covering her hair and running down the sides of her face. If you visit a salon you have to worry about the expense and, if you do it yourself, you have the guesswork of trying to get just the right shade while trying to maintain hair health. It’s not the best time, but we do it in the name of beauty.



If only there was a way to combine the color blending expertise of a salon visit with the economical advantages of a home color. Well maybe there is. eSalon is an entirely new concept in the world of hair coloring. The site offers expert color blending and advice and then ships personalized kits out so that you can get a quality color at home.



The eSalon process is quite easy. When you visit the site you are directed to take a quiz, in which you answer questions about your natural hair color, hair texture, eye color, skin color, desired color outcome, etc. Once you have finished the quiz, your answers are analyzed by a color expert who blends your ideal shade. Then your salon quality color kit (including gloves, stain guard, stain remover, applicator brush and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner) is sent to your door. If you have any issues while you’re coloring the site also has a support section with frequently asked questions/answers, how-to videos and a customer support line. At $19.95 (new customers can try the system for just $10) it seems like a pretty good deal- intriguing at the very least.      

Source: eSalon