Escape From Casa Loma Tower: Toronto Game Combines History, Theater, And Fun

Escape games are pretty trendy these days, and there are various concepts all around the globe. It's no surprise that these businesses are becoming popular. After all, what could be more fun than going on your own intellectual, "Saw"-style escape adventure that lets you test your wit without losing your limbs? Well, believe it or not, I can answer that question for you.

The great majority of Escape Room games take place in industrial-style buildings where individual rooms feature decor and other objects that fit a theme. Due to the smaller size of these venues, the number of participants is typically limited to four people on average. Each group of people is assigned set tasks while shut in the relatively claustrophobic space and they don't get to leave until they successfully complete their mission, or run out of time. Sometimes the voice of a stranger provides instructions or delivers threats, but the majority of human interaction in the room is between the participants.

A new Escape Game offered in Toronto's historic Casa Loma takes this model to an all new level. For one thing, it takes place in a castle with an extremely rich history - the setting is authentic (not recreated), and that makes it easier for visitors to envision themselves as part of it. Secondly, the game itself is based on that historical fact, so not only is it educational, there's an increased sense of realism. This is further enhanced by the fact that your group won't be alone while completing the challenges at Casa Loma.

In order to really help you relive history, a cast of actors that increase the level of excitement and authenticity you experience surrounds you.  Since the first theme at Casa Loma transports you back to 1941 and World War Two - where all participants become members of an undercover Anti Submarine Detection Research Center - these actors become your allies and enemies. Ultimately, having them present guides you during your mission, educates you through visual learning, and adds drama and suspense which couldn't be achieved by simply reading instructions off of a piece of paper.

The whole event takes place in Casa Loma's Tower and lasts 60-minutes. Since so much goes into each escape game, 12 participants are required for each one. That means that smaller groups may be placed with strangers when booking. The fun officially starts on August 12th, and tickets can be purchased now.

Certainly, there are probably other similar examples of Escape Room games on steroids, but this one that combines a historical venue, with WW2, and live theatrics is especially cool. 

Would you visit?

Via: BlogTO