Into Escargot? Grow Your Own!

Most of us only know snails as a pesky garden pest. To the French snails are a fine delicacy to be enjoyed at the start of a gourmet meal. Not all snails are edible or palatable so you can't just run out and gather a meal up off of the patio. However you can get a Grow Your Own Escargot Kit and start raising your own herd of tasty morsels.

Grow Your Own Escargot KitGrow Your Own Escargot Kit

The kit comes with everything you need -- almost. Your baby snails are not in the kit. You must send in the enclosed card and two to three days later you will receive six of the tiny mollusks along with food for their new home. Naturally the kit does come with a container for you snails to call home, instructions for their care, and recipe suggestions for their ultimate demise.

Grow Your Own Escargot KitGrow Your Own Escargot Kit

Of course, you don't HAVE to kill the snails. I would probably be naming them within a day or two and it would become impossible for me to eat them. So I would end up keeping them as pets and let the cat have the fun of watching them move around.

Fellow Spot writer John P. Barker used to be a chef and told me that he would barely have a pang of conscience over it. I'm guessing that he wouldn't name them all either, which would help. That and he knows that escargot is very tasty.

Grow Your Own Escargot KitGrow Your Own Escargot Kit

Snail shells have been found in archaeological dig sites and show that humans have been feasting on snails all the way back into prehistoric times. Most of these sites are located around the Mediterranean and show the use of several types of snail. I still say that someone had to be pretty desperate to look at a snail and think "Now there's good eating!"

If you are going to be a regular in making escargot at home then you will need to lay in the appropriate hardware for serving and eating. This means Snail Baking Plates (also for serving), Escargot Tongs, and Cocktail Forks.

Grow Your Own Escargot KitGrow Your Own Escargot Kit

It takes four to six months of care and feeding for them to reach maturity. One note of caution from one of the reviews is that snail poos are really big. I would accept that and toss them in my compost heap. The last comment on the page is *Not Suitable for Vegetarians. Gee. Ya think?

You can order your own Grow Your Own Escargot Kit from Firebox.

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