The Esky Mini HD Camera Pen -- I Suspect James Bond Would Like This; Product Review

I'm not sure exactly what situation I would find myself in where I would need the Esky Mini HD Camera Pen... but I want one, just in case.  I dunno... Ninjas or something?  Or maybe because there's a monster in my closet.  Either way, this is a pure 007 James Bond device.  But how would it rate up to the super-spy's standards?

Okay, let's go over the specs of this little whopper:

* Built-in micro DVR
* A 1.3 megapixels camera with HD camera effects
* Can produce high-res color photos at 3840x2880 resolution
*Video recording with 1280x960 video resolution and 30 FPS of AVI format
* USB 2.0 standard interface with driver support for Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS computers
* A micro SD Slot expandable to 8gb
* Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for up to 100 minutes of video recording

The opinions of this product are pretty much split down the middle.  Here are the pros:

  • Very "under the radar."  People don't notice that it is a camera.  It actually writes!
  • The picture quality, though slighly blurry, is quite good.
  • The video quality is good in proper lighting.  Lenses this small need quite a bit of light.
  • The quality of the audio is good as well.

Now we come to the cons:

  • Apparently the instructions are somewhat difficult. Pay close attention.
  • The button to operate the camera is about the size of an atom. Many people have found that they need a paper clip to turn it on. That's sort of an obvious maneuver for a spy gadget, don't 'cha think?
  • There have been battery charging issues.
  • And here's the worst: I just didn't work for some people. No charge, no video, no audio, nothing...

So some consumers just got a pen.  Now at less than $20, it's not gonna break the bank.  But after studying this, I suspect this is something of a risky buy.  However, the people that like it love it.

Me?  I would give it a shot because the positive consumer comments outweigh the negative.  Plus it just sounds plain cool.

UPDATE: The Esky Mini HD Camera Pen has gotten an upgrade and is looking even better, so head on over to Amazon and take a look at it!

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