Esloultimo: Store in Spain Lets Consumers Take Products for a Test Drive

Everyone loves to try things before they buy them, but so rarely is there the opportunity to really check things out in a non-pressure situation, without commissioned salespeople starring over your shoulder trying to convince you to by. This is where the trend of tryvertising came from, and now there's an actual business that's opened in Spain with this sole purpose.


It actually opened in 2010, but Esloultimo puts a twist on the initial tryvertising structure. Tryvertising labs allowed inventors and companies to showcase their products for feedback and the general awareness of consumers. Esloultimo actually allows consumers to pay a monthly fee, to come through and get a hands-on experience with 6 products per month.

Tryvertising stores are like window shopping taking to the extreme - where people have the right to do more than just look and not touch.

Via: Springwise

Jan 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Apps for

Test these out?

New Car

Used Car


Home PC, printer,

celphones IE Droid Google HCE

Hot Tubs


Kitchen gear.


Boats, yachts.


Medical equip for Home use.

Major Trend alone.

Colleges & schools

Cruises? Viral experiences?

Las Vegas Casinoes: sample tables before going?


Expand this worldwide.