The EsPRESSivo Concept Take Portable Coffee Making To The Next Level

Many frazzled 9 to 5ers take to the great outdoors any chance they can get to escape the daily grind of urban life.  Sometimes though, it is nice to bring along some of everyday life too.  One daily indulgence that has, until now, not translated well to outdoor living is a good cup of coffee.  Anyone who has ever had campfire coffee will attest to its inferiority.  Many things taste better when you are roughing it; coffee is not one of them.

Shao-Lun Chao has created a coffee maker design that may satisfy your desire to get back to basics while simultaneously soothing your yearning for a fantastic cup of java.  The all-in-one esPRESSivo presses the beans, brews the coffee and heats everything up with a small flame at the bottom of the device.  

With its sleek and shiny design, the aesthetics of the unit are also sure to impress even high-end coffee shop patrons.  This may lure some of the more die-hard city dwellers out for a hike or weekend camping trip.