E.T Cartridges From The Legendary Atari Landfill Are Selling For Over $1,500 On eBay

The Atari Landfill used to be little more than a myth - an urban legend in the world of gaming. See, a few decades ago, Atari decided to develop E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for their Atari 2600 console, in order to cash in on the immensely-popular movie. Unfortunately, there was just one small problem...the game they developed was bad - so much so that they ended up sending scores of dump trucks out to a secret landfill in the New Mexico Desert, burying one of the most shameful chapters in their history.

It was a cool story, but no one really expected that it would be true. 

Then back in May 2013, the city of Alamogordo granted a Canadian entertainment company access to the landfill in order to film a documentary about the burial site. Before long, it became clear - this was no myth. The burial site was real. 

Now, the City of Alamogordo - with cooperation from the Tularosa Basin  Historical Society - has put 100 cartridges from the landfill up for sale on eBay; titles such as Asteroids, Centipede, Defender, Missile Command, Star Raiders, and the infamous E.T. Sales prices have varied, but it turns out that E.T. has proved something of a cash cow - currently, the highest bid on one of the crushed relics is $1,537. 

Crazy, right? I guess some collectors simply take their hobby a lot more seriously than others. Oh, and one more thing - if you want to learn more about the Atari landfill, there's a documentary coming, titled Atari: Game Over. It'll debut on Xbox Live on November 20.