Eternal Plate: Bone China From The Bones Of Your Beloved

It's said the best porcelain is Bone China and for some grieving loved ones, it's the best way to memorialize the dearly departed and keep them with you always.

Losing a loved one can be a traumatic experience that leaves those left behind feeling abandoned and alone. Now a Japanese company called Gendai-Kuyo is offering survivors a unique and, well, kinda creepy way to hold on to their lost loved ones... literally.

It's called Eternal Plate, basically a form of bone china porcelain made with bones and ashes of a cremated loved one. The company can use as much bone material as is provided; even small amounts are acceptable.

Several different types of memorials are available. One is a framed porcelain wall plaque that comes in large and small sizes, and a choice of 5 pastel colors. The plate can be inscribed with a photogravure likeness of the loved one along with text stating their name and a short message. The photo-type plates range in cost from 189,000 to 241,500 yen (roughly $2,150 to $2,750).

A more portable version of the plaque is available in the form of a wearable pendant framed in silver, gold or platinum with a matching neck chain.

The framed porcelain plates measure 16mm by 20mm by 4mm (0.64" by 0.8" by 0.16") and cost 157,500 yen ($1,790) for silver, 241,500 yen ($2,750) for 18k gold and 399,000 yen ($4,535) for .900 platinum. The mini-plates also come in 5 pastel colors as mentioned above.

After an approximate 2-month turnaround time, the purchaser will receive a unique memorial that is exempt from Japanese laws concerning the treatment of the deceased. This method also exempts the purchaser from the time, trouble and expense of maintaining a tomb for the deceased - a looming problem in a nation with an aging population and a shortage of land.