Eterni.Me - Online Communication With Loved Ones From Beyond The Grave

It might be morbid and upsetting, but the death industry has always been killing the competition (pun intended) because of the simple fact that everyone on the planet will die. There is no other industry that caters to a basic need of the entire world population. Admittedly, some of the businesses in the industry, and the services that they offer, won't appeal to everyone; but they do demonstrate that creativity in business isn't dead. The latest business in the industry is futuristic, and takes memorializing to a whole new level. is an online business that has not quite gone public, but will be launching soon. As you might have deducted from its name - it has the goal of memorializing people for all eternity, and it does so in a way that's never been done before.  Other innovative death industry businesses that deal with memorials focus on more traditional methods like celebration of life services, funeral services, and garments that are fashionable while offering preservation. Of course, these aren't the only businesses in the industry, but Eterni is truly like nothing before.

Jokes and comparisons aside, Eterni offers something pretty cool - it allows you to communicate with loved ones from beyond the grave. Seriously. And no, it doesn't involve a ouija board, a psychic, or some kind of Resurrection after being cryogenically frozen. It is a futuristic approach that utilizes today's technology.

 Eterni promises to create a kind of avatar or online "you" that is far more complex than the usual cartoon characters with over-exaggerated facial features that we think of as avatars. They are you through and through - mimicking your appearance, way of speaking, and share your identical opinions and values. The goal of offering a computerized "you" is to help fill the void of your loss for the important people in your life, by interacting with something that looks and sounds like you. Best of all, it even promises to answer their questions, or provide advice in the way that you would while alive. It might sound a little bit "big brother", and Orwell might not approve of Eterni's services, but the clear benefits are there in keeping a piece of you alive forever.


Eterni puts the "virtual you" together using a complex algorithm they call Artificial Intelligence. They state that it takes every piece of information available online, from social media, websites, and anywhere else they can hunt down your interactions. They've also setup the final product to make your loved ones feel like the conversation is happening over video chat - like FaceTime or Skype - so it seems like real time. It could be any long-distance interaction, not an exchange where only one person involved continues to exist on the planet.

At this time, there is no word on what the cost of this service will be. But, like many other things, if this is something you would llike to have implemented as part of your will, then you should contact Eterni once they're up and running to make arrangements.

What do you think of this latest development for dealing with death? Is this a service you've consider so your presence stays with your loved ones even after you're gone?

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