Ethical Rainwear For Singing, Dancing and Caring In the Rain

Danish fashion meets practical rainwear after a trip to Tokyo opened the stylistic eyes of Danish-born designer, Emma Jorn and inspired her line of stylish rain clothes that will, according to her, "make you look like a million dollars, even on a bycycle."  She has named her collection, Takaokami, after the Japanese rain god. Her designs are understated but made to last. Recycled polyester is enviornmentally ethical and works perfectly for blending the sustainable with waterproof capabilities.

In her own words: I do not buy into the capitalist cycle of buy and throwaway culture. Thus, my designs will only change slightly, evolve and adapt. There is no new collection every season, which is the normal cycle of the fashion industry."


Emma Jorn's Rainhat: Source: EcouteereEmma Jorn's Rainhat: Source: Ecouteere


A change in attitude towards sustainability and rainwear

Jorn has stated publicly that she has often wondered why rainwear in her native Denmark has always been designed for rugged survival trips or long voyages across the North Sea. Her collection is a "graceful rainvolution" in women's rainwear inspired by merging Nordic design with Japanese boldness and mysticism.

With more and more people riding bikes for their daily commutes, a silent statement about non-fossil-fuel driven vehicles is made. Her desire to produce her collection locally so far has not been possible and she has been forced to compromise by manufacturing her line in a green, ethical  facility in China. On this matter she said:" i would certainly like to have the production local, where I could follow all steps and be sure that standards are splendid. I curse the carbon-dioxide footprint stemming from the voyage of the clothes from China to Denmark but calm myself, knowing that China is adopting alternative energy sources faster than any other country.


Emma Jorn Bikewear: Source: CopenhagencyclechicEmma Jorn Bikewear: Source: Copenhagencyclechic


The Takaokami Collection

The collection includes a few  choice rainwear items. These include: a feminine rain dress; a rain burka; an umbrella-sized rainhat; gear to cover your bike-basket and handlebars; a rain cover that will fit three humans and a fashionable raincoat and skirt guaranteed to keep your knees and thighs dry. Already, Kickstarter has 249 backers for this rainwear collection who have pledged kr 190,834 (almost US $22,000) to help bring this project to life.


Fashionable Rainwear Dress: Source: Fastco DesignFashionable Rainwear Dress: Source: Fastco Design


Good luck, Emma. Maybe somewhere within the ether in the air, which holds the essence of all things, Gene Kelly is watching and dancing and smiling. Stay dry in any case.

 Closing thoughts about rain:

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. ~ Roger Miller

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