'Ethically Clothed' Offers Consumers Sustainable Fashion Choices

Ethically Clothed is an Online EcoFashion Outlet: Organic cotton & raw silk might constitute ecofashionEthically Clothed is an Online EcoFashion Outlet: Organic cotton & raw silk might constitute ecofashion


As more and more businesses pursue a cleaner, healthier and brighter path to the future, sustainable and eco-friendly materials and production practices are cropping up everywhere. The argument against change has always been that if we switch the way we do things people will lose jobs and it will ultimately hurt the economy. Others have argued that it would spur creativity, new inventions and thus create new job opportunities in the process, and they’re right. That’s the way it’s always been, with the old guard going out kicking and screaming as the new guard enters with their fresh take on life.

Green Businesses

An eco-conscious company called Ethically Clothed wants “to provide a place where you can find and buy clothes from designers who operate an ethical business model.” Their ethos, as they say, is summed up by the phrase "People see what you wear, what would they say if they saw where it came from?" While a lot of people could still care less, growing numbers of consumers do give a rat’s patootie about the direction of our planet and where and how products are made. This is what has basically inspired groups like Ethically Clothed and Love Goodly, an e-commerce startup that is taking advantage of the green living trend with a line of non-toxic beauty and skin care products.


Based in Brighton in the United Kingdom — considered by the company as a hub of all things ethical, eco, green and sustainable — Ethically Clothed is promoting what they’re calling sustainable fashion or ecofashion, as it were. They want to direct people to designers like Kinche, a company “using vintage material in a carbon neutral methodology to ensure they produce great sustainable clothing,” and James & Co, who use “entirely vegan materials to match with Anna Wiggin's friendly silk nightwear,” or Ultra Tee, which ensures that “all their materials have no negative effect on the environment, including their eco t-shirts.”

Sustainable Fashion

Ethically Clothed doesn’t just stock eco-friendly clothing for women. There’s a men’s collection from ethical clothing companies as well. While the company supports various artists and designers in the fashion industry with a mounting awareness of the importance of where their wares come from, they also offer a vegan line that apparently “have been classified as being suitable for Vegans by the designer. Some, such as James & Co, have even been approved by PETA.” What classifies them as vegan friendly isn’t exactly clear from their website, but it’s safe to say no animals were harmed in the manufacturing of the collections.

The Man Behind the Curtain

The individual behind Ethically Clothed’s start is a man by the name of Doug Gardner, who drew his inspiration from many sources before launching the online store. He wanted to create a place where he could promote companies and stock items from emerging designers as a hub for an ethical approach to fashion. This alternative to traditional clothing manufacturing appears to be striking a nerve with other like-minded individuals with a growing concern about cheap labor or sweat shop conditions around the world — which many designers don’t seem to be concerned about or claim they’re unaware of in their own lines.

For more information on brands Ethically Clothed carries, check out their website where you can view designs and designers.