The End of the Naked Cord - Redefining Illumination

In honor of Dutch Design Week I'd like to highlight some of the fresh ideas coming our way from northern Europe, with a special emphasis on those designers who work to make what is traditionally considered unattractive -- like the cords of lamps, for example-- into an integral feature of the design.

Flototto's YoyoFlototto's Yoyo

German designer Elmar Flototto puts a new spin on the classic yo-yo, crafting it into a handy, roll-out light fixture. Attached to a 16 meter cable, this light measures 11" high and has an 18.7" diameter. Now you can light up those hard to reach areas away from outlets with its extra-long cord. You can roll it outdoors for garden parties, too. Performing yo-yo tricks like "Walking the Dog" might prove a bit difficult, however.


the Cord Lightthe Cord Light

Next up is a team of young Swedish designers, dubbing themselves "Form Us With Love." This award-winning trio's mission is to break outside the box by creating innovative and sustainable designs that pull inspiration from the interaction between man and artifact.

The Cord Light is just that: a lamp that showcases what most people would prefer to hide - the under-appreciated cord. Striking in its simplicity and apparent defiance of gravity, this light brings a modern and deconstructed vibe to any interior. It is also available in three different heights.



The Sticky LightThe Sticky Light

Chris Kabel is a Dutch designer whose creative impulses are stirred by altering and redefining seemingly unimportant objects found in daily life. This project was inspired by the immediate need for light with limited resources -- a broken light source translates iinto a bare lightbulb taped to a wall. Chris took it a step further to create this Sticky Light , which brings a whole new aesthetic to the world of interior illumination.


Apparently the era of the naked cord has arrived. It's time to praise and honor those cables for the great function they serve!


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Sarah O
Innovative Interiors