EV Technologies to Produce Recently Unveiled Plug-In Electric Vehicles

A couple of weeks ago at the New York Auto Show, a company based out of Nevada called EV Innovations unveiled two never all electric vehicles they plan on putting into production. The two vehicles are the Wave and the Inizio EVS and were made to appeal to different tastes, with the latter of the pair aiming at the Tesla Roadster.

The Wave will seat two people and offers a range of about 170 miles on a single charge. 60mph arrives in 12 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 80mph. The charge time is listed as 8+ hours, so you should expect to plug it in at dinner time if you want the maximum range for the following day. EV Innovations also the life-cycle of the battery packs as at least 2500 charges. Pricing for the Wave is set at $34,000.

The sportier of the electric vehicles, the Inizio EVS, reaches 60mph in just 4 seconds and boasts a top speed of 170mph. After a full overnight charge, the Inizio can cover about 200 miles, thanks to a slight upgrade in the battery pack. The company also lists the life-cycle as 2500+ charges, meaning that both vehicles should last at least 7 years without any battery problems. The Inizio will set you back $139,000.

EV Innovations also has several other vehicles available, most under their previous name of Hybrid Technologies.


Jun 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Darn Range

Love to Rent one for Use but need Huge Urban/suburban Infrastructure Grid for charging cars etc.

Otherwise Im in.

Love the shapes.