Even More Power for the 2012 Veyron

When it comes to extreme driving, it is hard to top the driver's seat of the Bugatti Veyron. But just in case you are one of the rare few who do want even more power, Bugatti may be developing an even more powerful version of the Veyron to keep you occupied.

Sadly, this also means that there will not be a "more affordable" version of the supercar, but I guess sacrifices must be made. The more extreme version of the Veyron, which has been nicknamed the Veyron GT, should see production by the beginning of 2012.

According to a recent interview done by Autocar, Franz-Josef Paefgen, head of Bugatti said, "We will be staying on top of everybody else and we will not be producing a smaller, or cheaper car and we will not be moving volumes up. Bugatti customers are very extreme people..."

The Quad-Turbo 16-cylinder currently powering the Veyron is good for 1001hp and 922 lb/ft of torque. Top Bugatti engineer, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber said it was possible to push that number up to 1106 lb/ft safely.

You can expect the design to something similar to the next Bentley Arnage which will also be making a debut in 2012. No word on how many years you will need to save up for the "Veyron GT."

From : Jalopnik