Evenflo Has Designed A Car Seat With SensorSafe Technology To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Almost 40 children die each year from being left inside of a hot car. Nearly half of these children were forgotten in the car by their parents or care givers. Now accidental heat stroke can be prevented with technology available on the Evenflo ADVANCED SensorSafe Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat.

Please don’t roll your eyes or jump to the conclusion that you could never forget your child in the car. It happens to the most loving and best intentioned parents. Listen to this father’s sorry about his tragic mistake and his mission to prevent other accidental heat stroke deaths.

There are inventive products which help to keep your child cool while in their car seat, but they are not meant to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke. By using a wireless receiver and a smart chest clip, the Evenflo ADVANCED SensorSafe Embrace DLX car seat will alert the driver that a child is still in the car when the car stops moving and has been turned off.

The car seat is for children 4-35 pounds, comes in three colors, and has an adjustable base. The seat has been crash tested and can be purchased as part of the Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe Epic Travel System.

The SensorSafe technology works with your car’s notification system by plugging the wireless receiver into a car’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port. The receiver wirelessly connects to the receiver in the car seat’s smart chest clip, and is activated after 30 seconds of driving your car at a speed of at least 5 mph. The initial set-up only needs to happen once, but each time the car stops and is turned off the clip with emit very distinct tones to remind parents that their child is still buckled into their car seat.The alarm also sounds if the buckle becomes undone during transit.

I am a parent of three young children, and I am the first to admit I am not perfect. I rely on reminders, alarms, and notes to get through the tasks of each day. If I had to buy infant car seats again, I would not be too arrogant to think I didn’t need a car seat alert system.

The sounds of SensorSafe help parents remember that a quiet, perhaps sleeping, and rear-facing baby is in the back seat. These are the sounds sleep-deprived, rushed, and sometimes scattered parents need when they get lost in a few minutes of silence. These SensorSafe sounds were created to help even the best parents keep their children safe from a horrific mistake.

Evenflo partnered with Walmart to bring the Evenflo ADVANCED SensorSafe Embrace DLX to the public market. It will be sold exclusively at Walmart for one year, but visit Evenflo’s website for more information on where to buy this lifesaving car seat. At $150 it is at a similar price point to other infant car seats, but is the only one with technology to prevent hot car deaths.