Ever Wished You Could Have An Extra Pair Of Hands? Now You Can - Through The Power Of Robotics!


Human beings have but one set of arms - and I've met many who've claimed that one set simply isn't enough. Answer honestly - how many of you have wished, on at least one occasion, you had more than two hands with which to work? Most of you, I'll wager. 

You've gotta admit, having a second pair of hands would be pretty sweet. You'd be able to carry significantly heavier loads, work with multiple tools at the same time, and basically attain a near-unprecedented level of efficiency in your work. Thanks to the miracle of robotics, this pipe dream is now very close to becoming a reality.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Supernumerary Robotic Limbs. Designed by MIT experts Federico Parietti and Harry Asada, SRL is still in its conceptual stages. Once its completed, SRL will be a fully-functional set of limbs that work perfectly in sync with the human body. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like it'll be mind-controlled; the technology for that particular innovation isn't quite ready yet.

Instead, SRL will be designed so that it responds to human motion in a co-ordinated, intuitive, and natural fashion. It'll communicate with its human wearer somehow - it's not quite clear how, yet - in order to function smoothly and efficiently. Oh, is that something I forgot to mention? SRL will be worn like a backpack.

Don't worry - it's fashioned from ultra-lightweight materials, so wearing it won't cause too much strain on anyone who chooses to make use of it. The completed model will hang just below the hip, with padded straps and a hip belt for support. According to its creators, this minimizes the degree to which it interferes with human motion and maximizes the workspace of the limbs, allowing them to act as both arms and legs.