Evernote Celebrates 5 Years



It’s certainly a milestone. A company comes along and develops a productivity app that’s supposed to become integral to your life. We’ve seen a bunch come and go, but one brand in particular is still going strong. Evernote has stood firmly above the rest. With 65 million users, and more than 300 employees, the company is celebrating  five years.

The service, which allows users to save webpages, articles, recipes, and organize it from a laptop or across mobile platforms, is in the top-ten of Apple Store apps, and has been used by students, business professionals, and more.

In a video commemorating this accomplishment, Evernote CEO Phil Libin gathers his team together to say thank you. Evernote was designed to help the user organize the clutter, the overwhelming tasks of a digital life. Evernote, Libin said, was made to be your external brain, to make the whole world a little smarter.” He added: “I can’t believe how big we’ve gotten. We set out to make a hundred year company, we’re five percent done today.”

The site has gathered various testimonials from people who have loved – and used – Evernote to enrich (and organize) their lives. And the company is looking for your Evernote story.

If you have something to share, click here to have your voice heard. Those with an Evernote plug-in, can always Evernote the link for later. That’s the world Evernote has given us, and it’s really cool.

Happy fifth birthday, Evernote.