"Every Burgers" Cut Fast Food Down to Bite Size

Wheeeeere's the Beef??Wheeeeere's the Beef??

If every burger was an inch or so wide, we would eliminate obesity... or not, because we'd just eat dozens of "Every Burgers" instead! And who wouldn't... each and every "Every Burger" appears to be a shrunken version of a classic cheeseburger, right down to the sesame seed bun. Supersize that, Ronald! From the toasted-looking biscuit bun to the chocolate "meat" filling topped with faux melted cheese... they would call it a Micro Mac in a world without lawyers. The folks at Bourbon, a large Japanese snack company, who make these delightful miniature burger cookies aren't just clowning around, with the "Every Burger" they've created a tasty snack that looks cool, tastes sweet and packs a TON of tiny appeal!

Betcha can't eat just one!Betcha can't eat just one!

What is it about cute & tiny things that so appeal to Japanese consumers? It may be that living in a crowded country fosters an appreciation for small things, but it's more than that - appreciation of the minuscule has long been part of Japan's culture. Combine a love for things tiny with the influence of modern fast food and you get masterpieces of miniaturization like the "Every Burger". How typically Japanese it is to design these cuter than cute mini burgers to resemble their much larger cow-based cousins as close as possible. If the "Every Burger" tastes as good as it looks - and you never know with Japanese snacks - these tiny wonders will be flying off the store shelves faster than the fastest fast food!

Tiny Perfect BurgerTiny Perfect Burger Now that I've got you drooling, don't get all grumpy because "Every Burgers", unusual Japanese Kit Kat varieties and many other tasty and unique Japanese snacks are only available in Japan. Online stores like rinkya.com cater to worldwide snackaholics - and just plain folks who want to try something new. (via Sasurai Samurai )



Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Jul 8, 2007
by Lisa Zyga

Watch out White Castle.

Watch out White Castle.