Everyday: An iPod App For The Vain and The Beautiful

We've all seen the videos on Youtube compiling hundreds of still photos of a smiling man throughout the year or a woman going through her different stages of pregnancy to produce a single, coherent piece which shows the normally slow day-to-day transformation of nine months in two minutes.

Now you can make your very own compilation with the Everyday app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, developed by Little Pixels.

Everyday allows you to make photo slideshows and compilations easier by doing the bulk of the work for you. The app makes it easier for you to take a photo of yourself by displaying a grid onscreen. This will help make your every day photos more consistent because the grid will help you align your face. And if you forget how you positioned yourself then no worries, because you can use an overlay from the previous day's picture as a guide.

The Everyday app also thought of its more forgetful users because you can also set it to display timely notifications that will remind you to take a picture for the day so you won't forget. You can also share select shots on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Get the Everyday app for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.