The EVO Is A Cross Between A Utility Bike And Mountain Bike


If you live in an urban area, odds are transportation logistics are a bit more difficult than you would prefer, and you've probably tried various transportation options (car, bike, public transportation). The offspring of a mountain bike and a utility bike, the EVO is melds robustness and utile accessories to give the urban commuter her ideal mode of transportation.

With the EVO you get a modular accessory platform. It utilizes quick-connect mounts on the front and rear that allow riders to quickly attach and detach various storage and cargo accessories. There are racks galore to attach to the EVO. You can carry groceries, books or a briefcase, a surfboard. There's even a car seat attachment. 

EVO Urban Utility BikeEVO Urban Utility Bike

These accessories quickly lock into the frame and can easily be removed when not in use. The frame itself employs a "truss" design, which allows the bike to support loads in the front and rear. The EVO's symmetrical design was inspired by San Francisco's famous towers and bridges. 

The EVO was an entry of the The Bike Design Project, in which designers from different cities designed Urban Utility bikes for their respective cities (check out my blogs on the Denny and the Blackline as well). Though the EVO didn't win, it set a precedent for modular storage systems.

EVO Cable LockEVO Cable Lock

The EVO also employs 3D printed steel lugs, which allow for a lug plus tube construction, and a front fork lockout system, which allows riders to lean the handlebars against a wall for convenient loading and unloading. Imagine not having to worry about the handlebars swinging around on you, as you're unloading groceries, spilling your fresh produce on the sidewalk. 

Also available on the EVO are built in front and rear lights as well as a built in cable lock. Just pull out the cable lock so you can quickly secure your EVO. The EVO is only a project design right now, so you can't get your hands on one just yet. But, you can find out more information and photos on the EVO's website