The EVO ONE Ball Combines Sport With Technology To Create A New Basketball Experience


Basketball players work on their shot constantly. Shooting is the most practiced aspect of the game, and yet good shooters only make about 50% of their shots in game play. The EVO ONE Ball can help improve that percentage, by teaching optimal backspin--that's right, this revolutionary ball is also a virtual coach.

As a former college basketball player, I know the rigors that go into practicing proper shot form. I used to lie in bed practicing proper backspin and wrist action. However, it's hard (nearly impossible) to know when you get that backspin in the optimal range. The EVO ONE can tell you when your follow through is on point.

Hooping With EVO ONEHooping With EVO ONE

Optimal backspin increases the ball's chances of going through the hoop after it has struck the rim, and if you've ever played or watched basketball, you know that most shots hit the rim. Shooting the ball with optimal backspin also helps to produce a better shot arch, which also increases the chances of the ball going in. 

Studies have shown that optimal backspin is a rate of 2-3 revolutions per second. The EVO ONE helps you to consistently produce that backspin by giving you audio feedback when the ball spins at that 2-3 revolutions per second rate. Wobbly, slow or unorthodox backspin with the EVO ONE produces no audio feedback. 

Using the EVO ONE, you get a feel for the good shots. You start to train your body to make the ball spin so that you get that audio feedback, and you start to feel when you've put up a shot that's not quite right. 

EVO One Basketball And SensorEVO One Basketball And Sensor

The EVO ONE employs micro-sensor technology to measure the backspin rate, axes and balance of the basketball when shot. This ball has a slot for a micro-sensor, and all you have to do is insert and activate that sensor to get live, virtual coaching on your shot. 

The ball itself is engineered to satisfy regulation weight and size standards, with counter-balance technology to ensure that it dribbles, passes and shoots like a normal basketball. 

When you're not training your body to shot with the optimal backspin, just take out the sensor, and you can treat the ball like a normal ball--pound it on the floor when your powering up in the paint or posterize someone with a massive dunk.

The EVO ONE package comes with one regulation EVO ONE ball and one micro-sensor. You can find more information on this revolutionary ball, including ordering info, on the EVO ONE website