Evolution Eraser: Intelligent Design that Makes Errors Extinct

Is the march of progress slowly but surely leaving you in its dust? Well cheer up, chums, the Evolution Eraser inspired by the much-parodied March Of Progress scientific illustration is designed to rub out all evidence of your errors... provided they were made with a pencil.

The Evolution Eraser was designed by Hiroyuki Shiratori of H-Concept, who've previously brought us those Cupmen anthropomorphic ramen noodle timers and the “Heart” heart-shaped bottle caps. OK, so H-Concept might not be that imaginative when it comes to naming their creations but you can't knock the designs themselves.

Take the Evolution Eraser, for instance. Available in white, beige or black, the intelligent design (sorry, couldn't resist) features a modern human on one flat side that morphs down to its ape-man ancestor on the other... or vice versa if we're speaking in evolutionary terms.

Evidently the idea is to use the eraser's ape-man end, and as time passes the small, hunched-over, knuckle-dragging missing link will “evolve” into our hero, the modern man – just like real life! - Kansas excepted.

Mind you, H-Concept's Shiratori had to make some compromises with respect to the original March Of Progress graphic (above) that first appeared in 1965, in the Early Man volume of the Life Nature Library. Mainly, no tools or weapons are held by the procession of human ancestors but the concept works just as well without those fine details.

The Evolution Eraser is made in Japan from non-PVC material, weighs 24 grams (just under 1 oz) and measures 60 × 30.5 × 55mm (2.4” wide x 1.22” deep x 2.2” high). They're priced at $11.50 each at White Rabbit Express. (via Spoon and Tamago)