The Evolution of The Mouse

The mouse has been with us for almost three decades. If you're thinking that the time has come to take it to the next level, you're right and that's exactly what Nick Mastandrea thought. Unlike most people who have had a million, million-dollar ideas, Nick decided to do something about it. He got down and designed Mycestro. What is it? Well, Mycestro is little device which you strap on to the intermediate phalange of your index finger - in fact, it's about the size of your intermediate phalange too. It has some pressure sensitive buttons on its side that you can access with your thumb. Here's how it works - as you wave your hand like a maestro would to conduct his symphony, the Mycestro directs the cursor on the screen. Notice the name - Mycestro. It sounds a lot like maestro, right?

Users simply strap on the device to their index finger and instead of pointing, they move their arm in three-dimensional space, like Tom Cruise did in the movie Minority Report. As you do this the Mycestro interprets the wave of your hand to curser movements and moves the cursor to the point on the screen you need it to go to. When the cursor lands on the spot you need, just click on the touch sensitive buttons on the side with your thumb and that clicks whatever you need to, just like a regular mouse does. Judging by the number of backers this idea attracted on you can almost gauge what a hot item this is going to be when it hits the commercial space in the later part of 2013. The Mycestro is labeled as a 3d mouse and it looks like it will do more than just change the way mice operate, it looks like this may be the trend moving forward in the realm of graphical user interfaces. They are designed to work with Windows, Linux and MAC OS. So it seems they pretty much have all their bases covered.