eWINE Match(es) Wine And Food For You

The right wine enriches the enjoyment of a good meal but, what many newcomers to wine don't realize, is that the right foods allow a wine to fully display its flavor. That's why, whether you're invited out for dinner or cooking a special meal at home, you'll want to buy just the right bottle of wine to accompany the specific food you'll be eating.

But if you've failed your latest somelier's test, how do you know the right wine to buy?

eWINE Match may just have the quickest results. You can link to the site on your computer, or dial into it from your cell phone, which is especially handy when there are no wine stewards handy at your grocery store! At eWINE Match, you just fill in the type of food you will be serving, and voila! You'll get a few varietal picks at different price points to choose from.

If you know the variety of wine you would like... let's say a mid-priced Zin for pairing with a meat dinner, you can limit your search by price and variety. So you would enter "meat," and check "$$," then check "Zinfandel," and then press "Search." The search would currently pick two Zinfandels, one Cellar No 8 Zinfandel and Berringer's Founders' Estate Old Vine Zinfandel. Links will bring you to a short description of each wine.

eWINE Match now lists 28, mostly Californian, varieties of wine, and it has a good range of wineries to draw from, where you can link to purchase the wine. This is not the most practical way, however, to buy your chosen wine, unless you have a week or more to wait for it. Additionally, you may not be getting the best price for the wine, as wine or grocery stores may have discounts available.

Ideally, eWINE Match will create multiple purchase links for wine and leads to stores that carry your choice of wines locally. On my wish list would also be more international wines. But what eWINE Match offers right now is a fine start to a very fine wine pairing idea.

There is no charge for eWINE's wine-food paring service!


via Wine Brands