Ex Boyfriend Jewelry.com: Getting Rid of Bad Memories and Jewelry from Exes

Ex Boyfriend Jewelry.com , "You don't want it. He can't have it back". The name and slogan are fairly self-explanatory; Ex Boyfriend jewelry allows people to hock the gifts bought for them by their ex-flame after the relationship sizzled and burned.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority put up for sale on the site are rings. However, they do have silver and gold of all kinds, as well as a "Gifts That Should Have Been Jewelry" section where postings of items ranging from purses, to clothing, electronics and anything else people desperately want to find a new home.

Those looking to get rid of their once beloved items, are asked to post pictures of the article, full details about the jewelry's size, material, stone and any other important information. An appraisal must be included for jewelry, so prospective buyers know exactly what a bargain they're getting when they purchase the cast-offs.

The best part? Ex Boyfriend jewelry not only allows people to part with lingering reminders of their previous, failed relationships; there's also a therapeutic process in the postings themselves. Sellers MUST fill out the "Scoop" section, where they can tell their personal tales about why they are ridding their lives of these tokens. People don't have the opportunity to share their advice or feedback, but there can be a sense of release in airing all that formerly dirty laundry on the World Wide Web. Remember, this site is meant to be a light-hearted take on breakups; so if you fall into the category of hurt, abandoned mistress, or wronged and vengeful ex-wife, you might not be ready for their approach yet.

While the site is called Ex Boyfriend Jewelry, anyone with items to sell can put them up for bid. However, part of the principle is to create a safe haven for people with a back story to move forward with their lives as well. There are even regularly updated polls to allow people to anonymously share their experiences.

So what do Buyers get when shopping on Ex Boyfriend Jewelry? Fantastic deals on many expensive, unique pieces and the knowledge that they are helping a stranger lift a huge weight off their chest. However, they have to be willing to deal with the potential for bad karma that comes with the purchase. I guess it all depends if you believe in that kind of thing.

Ex Boyfriend Jewelry has latched onto two markets with the establishment of their business; person to person sales, and a new concept; businesses for bitter exes! It meets all the right criteria for a successful business, although profit levels have yet to be determined. They don't charge buyers or sellers in any way, not even a posting fee, but do offer advertising for their site.

Check out this unique business concept, by visiting the site. EBay had better look out for this competitor-with-a-twist! But, good luck in keeping your jewelry out of its clutches (I can only hope you got that one) and if that doesn't work out, liberate yourself by using their services.

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Nov 17, 2008
by Rane

I like the idea of this

I like the idea of this site. I've got some old jewelry that I need to get rid of....  :)