6 Ounces Exactly? Bakers Can Now Ask Their Measuring Cup

If you like nothing better than throwing on an apron and getting covered in flower whilst baking mouthwatering treats, then the latest technological device aimed at alleviating the stresses of baking could be for you. The Talking Measuring Cup from Hammacher Schlemmer is just that - a measuring device which actually talks to you, telling you in weight or volume the exact amounts of your ingredients. 

Whether it is bread or cakes which frequent your oven, there is now a product in town which will make sure that your kitchen creations are as moist and perfectly formed as you imagine them in your cooking-themed dreams.

Can baking get any easier?Can baking get any easier?

The Talking Measuring Cup will talk to you in any way you want...ish. Whether it is letting you know how many cups of flour you have measured out, or how many ounces of eggs have been dispatched, bakers can simply change the settings on the device in order to suit their needs.

 Bakers in control: decide how you are spoken toBakers in control: decide how you are spoken to

Although many might say that too much technology could spoil the rustic and traditional nature of baking, this product proves that ther truly is nowhere to hide from the 21st century's efforts to make all forms of cooking, including baking, a whole lot easier.

So if you are constantly getting your measurements wrong, or if you are just lonely in the kitchen and don't want a dog chewing on your leg whilst you cook, why not give the Talking Measuring Cup a whirl? For prices, more details and to purchase the Talking Measuring Cup simply click here.

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