Jewelry Your Valentine and The Environment Can Appreciate

If you know me well you know I'm a fan of trash to treasure art. This particular list of art is unique and elegant jewelry made from recycled materials like: piano strings, clocks, bottle caps, broken china and knitting needles. It's the type of eco-jewelry your eco-friendly Valentine will appreciate.

Trash To Treasure Jewelry: Peace Necklace

via Etsy seller fromjunk2funkvia Etsy seller fromjunk2funk

This peace necklace, designed by fromjunk2funk, is made with recycled and found objects that are placed inside a bottle cap and then covered up with resin. The resin gives the pendant a shiny coat and keeps the found objects in place.

Trash To Treasure Jewelry: Clockwork Heart Earrings
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These adorable heart shaped wire drop clockwork heart earrings, designed by Jim Mullan and Tori Rhoades, are made "from colorful copper and stainless steel adorned with recycled watch parts and found objects". They are 1-3/4 inches long and 5/8 inches wide. 

Trash To Treasure Jewelry: Knitting Needle Necklace
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There is little information on this colorful and beautiful knitting needle necklace from the Amy Pfaffman, other then that it is made from salvaged material and that the necklace is made up of "14 needle segments line up and fan out hanging from sterling silver chain". 

Trash To Treasure Jewelry: Piano String Bracelet
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This piano string bracelet, by Xavior is made with recycled piano strings. It has a matching necklace to go with it. 

Trash To Treasure Jewelry: Broken China Earrings

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These unique dangling broken china earrings are made with broken vintage china pieces and are soldered with silver solder. This particular set also has a matching pendants. 

It's amazing how trash can be turned into such beautiful accessories. Don't you think?

Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous


Only for an 80's themed party. I also hate the illusion that making art or jewels or toys from trash does anything good for the environment. It does not, it just delays the trash from being trash for a little while. And I'm saying this even though I make art from trash myself.

May 3, 2011
by dinni

I can understand why you're

I can understand why you're a fan, all these pieces of jewelry look weird but in a very good sense of the world. I would most definitely spend money on them, they are nice and they are sending a message. Maybe I can actually build a name necklace based on this idea, it would be an original gift.