Exciting Emergency Exit Logo USB Hub

On the run to the information highway!On the run to the information highway!


Everyone knows the international emergency exit logo in it's many subtle variations, and that's why the Emergency Exit Logo USB Hub from Evergreen is instantly recognizable no matter what your country of origin. The archetypical "running man" outline is further accentuated by the green (for "go") tint of its tough, green ABS plastic case.

The hub offers 4 ports for standard USB 2.0 connectors and attaches to your PC via an included 39.5 inch (98.5 cm) cable. A tiny LED in the base lets you know your Green Machine is giving & getting your mission-critical data. One of the ports - in the "suitcase" position - swivels as required to meet space constraints. The suitcase itself features an embossed USB symbol. Neat-O!

Other specs of note include 3.3 ounces (92 gm) for the weight and dimensions of 4.85" x 3.8" x 2.4", or 12.1 x 9.5 x 6cm for those metrically inclined. Last but not least, the price: 999 yen (about $9.60) from Shanghai Donya.