A Jacket Made to Sleep In -- Excubo

Travelling long distances on public transport has always been a pain in the neck, literally, for me. For anytime I try to doze off, my head kind of falls and I find myself jerking awake or landing on a cold steel rod. End result, a bad crick in the neck, a headache and a grumpy me.

I think Mathew Gale faced the same problems, for he has managed to create an unique solution for travelers like me, all across the globe. Called Excubo, (Latin for ‘I sleep Outside'), this cool jacket was adjudged winner at a competition sponsored by James Dyson and the Industrial Designers Society of America .

Now to the product.

The Excubo jacket has a huge collar that's used to cushion and hold in place the wearer's neck. The collar also provides the wearer some privacy as it forms a cocoon. All it takes to make the collar go up are a few yanks and tugs. When not in use the collar the oversized collar is stylishly turned down, disguising its true function. Cool, is all I can think of.

Excubo In ActionExcubo In Action

Mathew Gale, the inventor researched on options for sleeping on public transport and learnt that people can sleep when their bodies are held in a rigid state as opposed to only a soft and yielding state - similar to most beds. He applied the same concept and thus was born -- Excubo.

So, all you folks desperate for a snooze on the subway before your stop comes, or while awaiting the flight, help might be just around the corner. I say round the corner because the jacket is still in patent-pending status. Till then you can watch a clip on the product.

Mar 20, 2008
by Anonymous

That reminds me of something...

The collar on that jacket reminds me of the sports jackets they used to make when I was a kid where the hood unzipped and the interior showed the name of a sports team (my brother's was for the Raiders). I still see that style occasionally in some high school sports jackets, and this high collar made me think of that.

This jacket would've been a great help in high school; I used to sleep on the bus everyday after school and ran into problems when I'd lay down and was wearing a skirt (I always wore shorts underneath). I was forbidden from laying down when two boys made their intentions to attack me known and the bus driver threw them off the bus, so having a collar like this would've made it a lot easier to fall asleep in an upright position.

Mar 22, 2008
by Anonymous

Now all they need are lots

Now all they need are lots and lots of pockets on the inside lining for shredded newspaper, and it's a perfect hobo coat.

Mar 30, 2008
by Anonymous


Not acusing or anything... just a funny observation... I thought of that and actually made one for myself a month ago... this is freakin shocking... well, mine is just more of a esthetic thing and lacks any practical usefullness, but still... :-s