ExecTweets: Twitter for Biz Buffs

With Twitter exploding as the new big thing in social networking, a slew of different user aggregators are popping up to allow you to find who's who on Twitter.  Microsoft's ExecTweets is site that groups together all of America's top business executives for your microblogging pleasure.

Twitter users are familiar with the simple "Find People" function of Twitter.  But all too often, someone you want to follow either has a funny spelling for their username, or a username that doesn't resemble their real name at all.  Sites like ExecTweets simplify finding important people to follow by sorting that all out for you.

The site's middle column is dedicated to showcasing tweets of either popular or featured Twitter users.  If you don't want to bother following influential business men, you can just read their updates from here.  The left column shows popular subjects on Twitter that day (punctuated by a #, for those unfamiliar with that Twitter function), as well as the site's most popular Twitterati and most linked to pages of the day.

By inviting ExecTweets users to sign in and join the conversation, they've effectively used Twitter to create an engaging experience outside of the main site.  The subject of successful business men is quite useful for finding your boss, or the CEO of your corporation (if you need to), but other copycat sites like this are bound to turn up for celebrities, bands, television shows, etc.  Surely you know of a few, so link it up in the comments, and check back here for any cool new ones that pop up!