Executive Sweet Ride: Mercedes-Benz BRABUS 800 iBusiness For G65 AMG

The Brabus 800 iBusiness G65 AMG from Mercedes-Benz is serious business for serious businessmen (and businesswomen). If you're a power broker whose driven to succeed, then there's nothing better than working the levers of power while driving to and from work in the ultimate executive sweet ride.

Brabus specializes in high-performance aftermarket automotive tuning with a focus on Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach vehicles. Basing the 800 iBusiness concept recently displayed at the Geneva Motor Show on MB's G 65 AMG, Brabus starts by massaging the standard 5,980 cc (365 cu in) V12 twin-turbo engine to produce an awe-inspiring 788 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of electronically-limited torque.

Inside, owners will find their tailored power suits complemented by surfaces refinished in fine midnight black leather trimmed with contrasting red stitching. At least, they will when checking out the concept edition – real world buyers will be offered a limited range of color combinations.

Articulating rear seats take the place of the standard bench and a 15.6-inch monitor screen retracts into the roof when not in use. It's about the closest one can get to a rolling conference room!

Today's business environment is all about connectivity, and here's where the Brabus 800 iBusiness G65 AMG really shines. The vehicle is designed to be electronic device-ready from the get-go, packing a built-in charging system along with WLAN and an integrated high-speed modem.

We should state any extra electronic devices the owner may wish to use had better be made by Apple, as Brabus exclusively uses the Cupertino CA-based brand's products inside the business Benz. 

From a Mac Mini and an Apple TV to an iPad and an iPod touch, Apple's cutting-edge tech has been seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's already-impressive entertainment system and a dedicated iPhone app makes it all work together wonderfully.

Looking to make a Mercedes-Benz BRABUS 800 iBusiness for G65 your very own rolling sweet executive suite? You'd better be a VERY successful executive to begin with: a supercar-SUV like this one won't come cheap.

Sticker prices won't be announced until after the Geneva Auto show but you can assume that obscenely inflated annual bonus won't be burning a hole in your pocket for long. (via Uncrate and Hi Consumption)