6 Exercise Machines To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

We are very close to the end of 2008, even though it seems like the year just started a few months ago. How did you do on your new year's resolutions? Did you reach your fitness goals? Me, either. But I do note that every year fitness equipment seems to get more and more effortless, so now, well maybe 2009 should be the year we do it!

Here is some low-impact home exercise equipment that might help you out!

1. The Ropeless Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercise you can get. The problem is the rope. If you lose concentration, and happen to trip on it, you could get very hurt.

The Ropeless Jump Rope understands that problem. No rope. It lets you get the best out of your workout and think about something else while you are working out. The programmable handheld units know how you're performing for your height and weight, they provide a regular beat for you to jump to and, if you're lonely, it will even talk to you. The Ropeless Jump Rope even has sets of 3 removable weights in each handheld device. Ropeless sells for $59.95. (An extensive review of the product is here .)


2. The Foldaway Recumbent Exercise Bike

Does your back hurt when you use recumbent bikes? Well, not with this one. The seat forces you to sit upright with proper posture while you are cycling, so you can avoid that pain. Priced at a reasonable $199.95, the Recumbent Exercise Bike has a few neat features, besides the fact that it folds up and wheels away when you are done. Its LCD menu lets you pick workout programs, show exercise time, speed, calories burned and distance traveled as you pedal. The bike has a lifetime guarantee from Hammacher Schlemmer .


3. The Foldaway Lateral Stepper

Here's an exercise machine that trims your thighs, glutes, abdominals and obliques, as well as arms. Plus, if you step it up a notch or two, it gives you plenty of cardio. Lightweight but sturdy, the Lateral Stepper slides closed for easy storage. The Stepper computer tracks your steps, session time, and calories burned. The Foldaway Lateral Stepper is $99.95.

4. Human Touch iJoy Board

The iJoy Board is the ultimate balance board, targeting core muscles like the Lateral Stepper (above) but relying totally on your ability to balance while you exercise without handles. Don't worry, you can start using the iJoy Board on the easy setting, but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze to graduate up to beginner! Balance control goes with our other faculties as we age, so acquire the skill before you need it. The iJoy Board is priced at $479.

5. Human Touch iJoy Exercise Ride

I have tried out this machine and it's a lot of fun. If you start at too high a setting you will feel like you're a rodeo rider and getting bucked from every side, so start slowly. The iJoy Excercise Ride lets you sit down while you exercise your core in three axis motions and try to keep your balance. This is a 4-speed bronco.

The Low Impact Brisk Walk Trainer

Look, they shrunk the treadmill. Even walking and running in place gives you good cardio exercise and tones your glutes, quads, calfs, and even your obliques, without joint stress. The Brisk Walk Trainer lets you set a slow walk all the way up to a brisk jog and it keeps track of your speed, time, and calories. Fifty-five inches tall, the Brisk Walk Trainer folds to 1/3 of its height. Priced at $1800.

I'm going to purchase one of these exercise machines. I don't know which one yet but, unless I'm at a ski resort, I just don't get enough exercise in the winter. I'm going to make 2009 the year I keep at least my exercise resolution!

Keeping you posted...
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Nov 13, 2008
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