Exercise Apparatus: Great Idea?

The Exercise Apparatus permits you to exercise without going through the motions. You don’t need to go to the gym or even wake up for that matter, because Patent# US 6979284 is there and will come to the rescue. It’s really quite cool when you think that most of us complain about the effort involved in exercise workouts. This patent boldly addresses that aspect and you can actually work out from the comfort of a recliner using the Exercise Apparatus’s arm and leg exercising “stations.”


This 2005 invention has some good points. Its various stations insure that no limb gets away without some exertion, and the apparatus stows away in the chair when it is not in use, which is a very convenient space saver. There is however, a little flaw that may not have been considered; namely the possibility of someone getting stuck inside this contraption. There’s no escape valve so one can only wonder how long it would take, which type of rescue squad should be notified and how much money would be negotiated for the lawsuit settlement sure to follow. One could be “adrift” for hours and possibly days without the television remote, snacks and/or sodas.

How could anyone live that way?

While contemplating that question, consider some other clever inventions related to the field of exercise. Read Christine’s clever post, “Exercise While Web Surfing with Springflex” and Beth Hodgson’s piece, “Weight Loss Trend For The New Year: Gyrotonic Fitness Studios.

As far as the Exercise Apparatus goes, it seems fine to me. I would just like it see it installed in my bed so I won’t have to walk the few steps to my recliner!


Via Patently Silly