Exercise Makes Sweet, Sweet Love to Art: The Ciclotte

When one first lays eyes on the Ciclotte, it looks like something of a giant snail--or perhaps an alien being of some form. And yet, it's not gross or scary; it's intriguing. So familiar, so simple. But so different. It repels with its sharp lines, but draws you closer with interest. 

Okay, that's all the artsy critique I can handle for today. But the Ciclotte, as she's called, is indeed a true example of functional art that you can get a sweat on...on. It was inspired by a Ciclò, a bicycle prototype that now finds itself in the Triennale Design Museum. While this giant, pedaled wheel would obviously never work out well as an actual bicycle, it seems to make for an okay exercise bike, where its odd shape and sharp antennae can be put to practical use. 

The bike's only wheel is built into its donut-shaped frame and includes magnetic resistance to make your workout that much more challenging. A simple touchscreen interface on the side allows users to toggle through 12 individual workout programs to get just the right amount of burn. 

While exercise equipment is never a steal, the $10,700 price tag on this baby will probably make it a little less practical than the average NordicTrack. It's available in full carbon black, silver and purple. If you need help justifying the cost though, remember: it'll double as an art piece to impress your snooty, artsy friends and as a piece of fully functioning exercise equipment to help you impress everyone else. 

Gizmag via Dvice