Exercise in The Office: Great Idea?

The inventor of Patent# US 7137935 must be lauded for thinking along the lines that all of us need to spend more time taking care of ourselves and being fit. The only problem with this 2006 invention is that it comes at someone else’s expense; namely your boss and job performance. On the other hand, the work cubicle can be a stifling place, and it’s clear that many who may spend too much time in there can certainly use a little respite. Enter the Office Gym Exercise Kit.



The Office Gym Exercise Kit transforms the work cubicle into a gym. Why not, if you think about it? After all, it’s already an informal dining room, art and photo gallery and a YouTube mini theater (minus the popcorn, of course). The kit provides a full range of arm, leg and back exercises. It can’t give you, however, the desire to get fit and…look stupid. (That will have to come from that special spot inside you.)

The Office Gym Exercise Kit provides the exercises by attaching to a chair post and a chair back support. The user remains in place around the chair post and a flexible band is wrapped around the chair back support. Both the body and the band have attached retainers and several elastic straps, which are included in the kit. These straps fasten by latching onto the retainers. The user then exercises by extending the elastic straps with arms, legs or the like. (What’s left, I wonder?)

Exercise is often a source of sweat and inspiration for many inventors. Consider “Nothing Dumb About This Fitness Invention” and this idea of animals and exercise, “Exercising Your Pets: Fitness Centers for Your Best Furry Friends”.

As for me, I think I will pass on the Office Gym Exercise Kit and reserve my right to look stupid only while exercising in the privacy of my own home!


Via Free Patents Online 

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