Exercising The Mind And Body With Connect 18’s Unique Fitness Programs

I've already discussed the proven effects of Brain Fitness programs like Vibrant Brains, which helps prevent the development of future memory impairments by strengthening and stimulating the brain. But, a program like Brain Fitness doesn't offer a complete exercise program with a focus upon the body as well as the mind. Enter Connect 18, a unique exercise program for the body and mind that uses a historical tour perspective to educate and entertain those who are looking to stay in shape.

Connect 18 gives people an overall fitness experience that also allows them to travel to destinations that they've never had the opportunity to experience. Since not everyone is able to fly to Rome to engage in running tours as offered by companies like Sight Jogging, Connect 18 gives them a similar experience from home or from a Connect 18 brain and body fitness center using a learning video program that incorporates virtual tours. Fitness fanatics learn about history, and stimulate their minds while taking the historical video tours, and navigate through their journey while exercising their bodies on treadmills, ellipticals, and other exercise equipment.

Connect 18 is looking to expand their fitness empire, and is always open to hearing suggestion regarding new fitness programs that offer the historical perspective characteristic of their company, along with physical fitness to exercise the mind and body. Connect 18 offers group classes, and is open to offering their program to other fitness centers around North America as well. For those who would prefer to use Connect 18's unique mind and body fitness program at home, they do sell DVDs which work with any available home exercise equipment.

With a focus upon exercise for the mind as well as the body, Connect 18 offers a unique program that is flexible and convenient.