Exergaming Fitness Center Nexgym Brings More Industry Competition

Last year I introduced you to Bulldog Interactive Fitness, and exergaming franchise working to get kids off the couch with the innovative concept. Not only is Bulldog finding success, but exergaming is not surprisingly a trend that's really making waves. Now, with Nexgym out there in the industry, the competition in exergaming is heating up!


What I like about Nexgym is that it does offer kids the interactive gaming experience that gets them moving, including some pretty innovative technologies like the Matoko Interactive Sports Area that lets kids play one-on-one games against a computer, or the Treadwall interactive climbing wall.

But to top it off they also have some creative classes that take kids away from the interactive video games like Pre-K yoga which introduces young children to techniques by getting them to mimic animals and natural objects to keep it fun! They also offer a monthly Parents Night Out, which has a theme, so kids can get dropped off to their own little party while their parents jet off for a guilt-free date.

Do you think the exergaming trend is one that's here to stay, or is this a fad that this time next year we will be merely a part of our distant memories?

Jul 5, 2009
by Anonymous

For adults 2?

Can ExerGaming be applied to adults as well?
IE Wii Gamers.

It beats the boring weights at a Gym to be sure.

I love the idea- Stimulate the Mind & work the body.

Hope they franchise worldwide with this.

& for adults Upgrade the Games more.

& offer
Smoothie Bar
Juice Bar
Hot Tubs area?
Reading Room
Massage Center
VR Hoods for Gaming Excer area.
IE 3D Games.
On site MD & staff.
Wii Gaming area.
Picnic area outside
Nap Pods.
Area for families?

Jul 5, 2009
by Anonymous

To the annonymous above...

Those were some great suggestions....are you an entrepreneur?