Exert Body Coolant For Those Who Get Hot A Lot


Global warming?: image via facebook.com/ExertCoGlobal warming?: image via facebook.com/ExertCoWhether you get hot flashes from menopause, nervousness, embarrassment, exercise, medication, or stress, or you just tend to sweat a lot, don't sweat it any more.  A new product called Exert Smart Body Coolant® addresses all of that just by spraying it on your body once daily in the morning.  Then, you're good to go. 

Yes. Apparently, spraying Exert on your most sweaty or easily flushed areas - often your chest and neck; maybe your cheeks - once in the morning, will cool those areas when they overheat, lowering your skin temperature by 2 to 6 degrees when they do.  So when you spray Exert on your skin, it is not cool; it only cools when your body temperature, particularly in the affected areas, gets hot. Once your hot spots coool down again, Exert Smart Body Coolant gets ready to cool you off again.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But, so far, customers are raving about it.  They say it controls perspiration all day and are surprised that it works even in the gym.  One customer uses it on her feet to keep them dry, although according to the manufacturer, Exert Co., the spray does not work as well when there is minimal air getting to the area - like under the arms.  Nevertheless, at least one customer reported that Exert was effective at controlling perspiration under her arms.


Exert Smart Body Coolant: image via facebook.com/ExertCoExert Smart Body Coolant: image via facebook.com/ExertCo

How Exert Works: image via exertco.comHow Exert Works: image via exertco.com


Exert Smart Body Coolant is hyperallergenic, scent free, and will not stain your clothing. It is made from a phase change material that is probably proprietary, but the company guarantees it is completely safe if used as directed (e.g., don't spray it in your mouth!).  It contains no aluminum or heavy metals and is alcohol-free. The can is non-aerosol and is convenient to use; it even sprays upside down, if you want to squirt your back.

Here's a short video demonstrating how Exert works....


One can of Exert Smart Body Coolant will for 4 to 6 weeks of daily use, so you don't need to stock up right away, but if you are interested in buying the product you can purchase it directly from Exert Co.


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