The Exfo-Lift De-Clogs Skin Without Irritation

If your complexion seems a little clogged up you may be in need of a good exfoliation.  There are a lot of products that claim to do this job, but many of them come in the form of a rough scrub and can actually be quite harsh on the skin causing small tears or other irritation.  The Exfo-Lift by Sefide claims to purify the skin through the use of natural ingredients such as clay and jojoba.

The product comes in a stick form and is swiped across a wet face and then massaged in with fingertips.  The video on the site shows the dead layer of skin sloughing off in little balls as the product is rubbed around (disgusting, but probably beneficial).  What users are reportedly left with is a brighter and clearer complexion that is better able to absorb other beauty products.  Wrinkles are also said to be minimized and acne reduced.
All of this is reported to be accomplished without irritation and in a manner that adjusts to the needs of your particular skin type.