EXIT: Scary Business Has Visitors Escape From 'Saw' Inspired Situations

There is a big business in scaring people, and it is a concept that doesn't just find people knocking down its ExitExithaunted doors for Halloween. Many major tourist areas across North America feature haunted houses and mazes that have people lining up to pee their pants as people jump out of the shadows. While the more traditional scare providers are still successfully operating, there is a new type of terror in town competing in the market, and it creates a unique and scary experience that rivals some popular, nightmare inducing movies.

EXIT is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. While it is in the same industry as as traditional haunted houses that terrifying visitors through shock, this scary business produces a very different result and an unrivaled experience. At least, when the comparison is made specifically to other houses of horror. The best way to describe the experience at EXIT is to draw a comparison to the 'Saw' movie series. Of course, it's a whole lot less gruesome, but visitors are trapped in rooms and must solve a series of complex clues in order to escape captivity. 

Exit GuideExit Guide

There are various rooms at EXIT that have different themes, and clues that stay true to that theme. Two to six people can participate in the exit challenge at a time, and they have 45 minutes to find their way out of the room as the clock ticks. The challenges are not simple, and require deductive reasoning skills, and even a little bit of mathematical ability.

Exit PrisonExit Prison

The fear component at EXIT comes from the fact that visitors are confined to an enclosed space. There are no scare or shock components that you'll find in other haunted houses - like the Niagara Falls business that has hit the news by publishing photos of people's terrified reactions. Escaping from EXIT is similar in nature to the challenges in the Saw franchise not because it has blood and guts, but because of the problem-solving required, and smart clues leading to freedom that the movies' villain would be proud of. Having to solve number problems without a calculator for the first time since high school may also be enough to make grown men and women participating pee themselves in fear! We aren't all Nicholas Cage in National Treasure who never finds such skills become rusty, after all.

Exit TombExit Tomb

EXIT boasts four different rooms:  The Lost Ship, Ancient Egypt, Prison Escape and Laboratory Escape. Each is elaborately designed to fit the theme, and visitors are given a back story about why they're entrapped, and why escaping is essential. Reservations are required, and the cost per participant is about $45 Canadian.

The escape room concept is relatively new to North America, but it has started making its mark after finding success overseas - especially in Japan. The idea began with the creation of video games that follow the same model, and then brick and mortar locations were established to provide an even more exciting experience. It looks like EXIT could become a franchise business in time, as they are promoting a need for investors. 

What do you think about the experience that EXIT offers? Would you give them your patronage? And better yet, do you think you could escape under pressure?

Via: Metro News 




Feb 21, 2014
by Anonymous

Is $23 per person, not 45.

Is $23 per person, not 45.

Mar 4, 2014
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 thanks for pointing that

 thanks for pointing that out. I see now that the booking option automatically defaults to 2 tickets.


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