Exmobaby Biosensor Pajamas Take Baby Monitoring A Step Further


Practically everyone who has a baby uses a baby monitor these days.  They have become one of those baby shower staple items for new parents and have evolved into very high-tech gadgets in recent years.  They now often include cameras and sensors of one kind or another.  Well, Exmovere is now going one step further with this popular parenting gadget.  Come next year they hope to launch Exmobaby biosensor pajamas for your infant. 

Exmobaby was created to sense heart rate, emotions and actions.  Each garment will come with a wireless transceiver which will then send the data to a computer or mobile phone.  This way parents can be on top of any changes in their baby’s well-being.  While this information can be very useful to parents who are monitoring their child from home, it can also give some comfort to parents who are away from their baby for a while.  Working parents can better keep tabs on how their baby is doing and new moms and dads may feel a bit better about leaving their child with a babysitter those first few times.

The masses will have to wait a while longer to get their hands on this device though.  The company will only be releasing 1000 kits in early 2011.  They hope to have them out for the general public later in the year.

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Source: Engadget.com