EXO Is A Foldable Electric Skateboard

EXO Foldable E-BoardEXO Foldable E-Board

More and more, we're seeing motorized versions of the wheeled "toys" we enjoyed as children, like bikes, scooters and skateboards. The EXO Foldable E-Board is a conceptual motorized version of the skateboard, and it redefines the design of the skateboard. 

Not only are these motorized versions of our traditional foot-powered vehicles a lot of fun, they are also more efficient and functional. Many people living in urban areas are turning to motorized bikes and scooters to commute to work or run errands. EXO would be another option for these commuters, helping them eliminate logistical hassles and worries, like traffic and parking. 

EXO FoldedEXO Folded

The EXO Foldable E-Board concept was born in the mind of designer Fraser Leid. Its name is a shortened form of "exoskeleton," describing the E-Board's construction. Leid wanted to take the design of an electric skateboard and turn it on its head. EXO is the product.

This board is simple to understand and highly intuitive. It has two pedals, which control speed and steering. You ride it as you would a traditional skateboard. Leaning to one side or the other will turn EXO. Leaning forward will speed it up and leaning backward will slow it down. 

EXO Speed And Steering ControlEXO Speed And Steering Control

EXO will be powered by two 150 watt motors, which will be located at the base of each wheel. The board will be able to determine which foot is placed in the front and adjust the orientation of the motors accordingly. Fans and vents will be employed on the sides of the wheels to cool the motors and release hot air from inside the wheels respectively. 

When you've reached your destination on EXO or are ready to retire from all of the street shredding you'll have, you just have to depress a red button in the center of the board to fold it up. The center of the board will also house its battery.

If the EXO Foldable E-Board concept ever comes to life, skateboarders will have themselves a new toy and urban commuters another option to eliminate some logistical nightmares associated with getting around in a city, so here's to the hope that Fraser Leid can get this project into production. 

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