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The increase in environmentally-friendly consumerism has fostered the rise of green interiors and award-winning, Vancouver-based Molo Design is leading the pack with their striking line of expandable furniture. From the unassuming materials of honeycomb kraft paper and non-woven textiles comes a whole series of softseating fanning stools, loungers and tables. Separate pieces connect via magnets to create abstract living room topographies, limited only by the imagination and seating need. When not in use the sturdy honeycomb structure collapses down to the size of an over-sized book, ready to be packed away. Keeping with an eco-friendly theme, the softseating line is available in natural brown, charcoal ink-dyed black or translucent white textile, and is readily recyclable. The paper softseat line is made from 50% recycled material and is flame-retardant while the textile version is water resistant for both indoor and outdoor seating options.

But let's not stop there. In the event you need an extra wall or two, softblocks or softwall will provide you with temporary yet durable partitions at varying heights, complete with stacking capabilities and functional openings like windows or spaces for display.

And to top that off, they also have some gorgeous floating glassware that I mentioned before, as well as softlights made from the same natural materials as the rest of their soft line. (Just can't get enough of this design group!)

Molo's full exhibiting schedule includes a stop at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in May, along with several other notable events planned through the year, so check them out in a city near you.

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