Kilobike Expandable Bike

As a kid, you spend all that time decking out your bike with bell, basket, ribbon streamers and glow-in-the-dark spoke jewelry that it can be a rather conflicting when it comes time to buy a new bike. On the one hand, you've outgrown the old one and can't ride it comfortably any longer. Plus, you're a kid--new toys are always exciting--and the bike is like the pinnacle of toys. But, on the other hand, you've grown with your bike over the years and truly made it your own. How can a cold, unfamiliar bike ever replace it?

With this expandable bike from Kilo Design, you don't need to replace it--just expand it.  Kilobike is designed for children ages 6 to 12. When a child seemingly outgrows Kilobike, it expands to meet his larger dimensions and provide a comfortable fit. So there's no need to replace the bike; it grows right along with its owner. 

This bike would be great for parents who'd no longer have to buy a new bike every several years. It would also be great for kids that grow attached to their favorite means of transportation. And with the bright blue tires and blue seat, who wouldn't grow attached to this beauty? Of course, the kid looking for the latest bike every season would be out of luck for the better part of a decade. Overall, Kilobike is a very cool design that addresses a clear issue.

Via: Yanko