Expanding InLine Skates Make Learning Fun, Functional And Less Frightening

Thanks to the new Grow With Me 1,2,3 InLine Skates from Fisher Price, kids can have fun rolling without the danger of rolling out of control.

While we try to stay off the beaten path when it comes to toys, the Fisher Price Grow With Me 1,2,3 InLine Skates are too clever an idea to be missed. Taking the fun of inline skating and combining it with Fisher Price durability, the company has created a way for little ones with feet from sizes 6-12 to get out there and start skating.

There are two important facets to the 1,2,3 InLine Skates - size adjustment and stage adjustment. Using sliders under the skates, they can be lengthened or shortened depending on the needs of a child's foot, beginning at a child's size 6 and working up to a 12.

Using the wheel stage adjustment is where the real fun comes in, as it allows kids to progress at their own pace. In Stage 1, one of the wheels remains locked, allowing for limited rolling but easy walking as well. In Stage 2, the wheels will roll forward but not backward, giving the chance for motion but not getting out of control should a child slip or fall. Stage 3 lets all of the wheels roll freely and kids enjoy the fact that they've learned how to skate, step by step and roll by roll.

The skates are padded inside for comfort and have simple hook and loop straps to close so that paretns can be sure their little ones won't fall out during a particularly fast straightaway.

For $24.99 at Amazon, these are an easy way to get kids up and moving and ensure they don't move to quickly too soon or get too far ahead of their skill level.

Source: Fisher Price 

Feb 3, 2011
by Anonymous

look like a bad joke

There are many adjustable inline skates for young children.
Some can also adjust between tricycle and inline form.
Ones of reasonable quality (in the same price range as these) use urethane skate wheels with real bearings.
The hard plastic wheels turn these into toys that will never allow a child to actually skate.